Open House for Fatty Liver Disease

Posted on January 23, 2018

Concerned about possible fatty liver disease? Join us for an open house, Thursday, February 8th from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM, where we’ll be debuting our new fibroscan equipment for Fatty Liver Disease. We’re looking for people: Age 18-75 With no… Read more »

Uterine Fibroids Study at Wake Research

Posted on December 14, 2017

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during childbearing years in women. Also called fibromyomas, leiomyomas or myomas, uterine fibroids are not associated with an increased risk of uterine cancer and almost never develop into cancer.… Read more »

C. Diff Study at Wake Research

Posted on December 14, 2017

Consider joining a C. Diff Study at Wake Research Have you recently been hospitalized, received antibiotics in the last 3 months, and/or have diarrhea 48 or more hours after hospitalization? If you answered yes, you could have clostridium difficile, commonly… Read more »