CRA Testimonials

Sponsors and CROs trust Wake Research to conduct clinical research that is punctual, accurate, and yields high quality data. We work closely with CRAs to ensure they have a good experience with Wake and get the data they need.

The following testimonials are from CRAs who have worked with us in the past:


“A Superb Research Site to Work With”
“I am a CRA working at one of the 2 largest CRO’s in the industry. The site has been a superb site to work with. The SC always allows time to discuss issues noted during the visit and ensures a resolution prior to the visit ending or within an acceptable timeframe. The site consistently maintains excellent source documents for the studies. The Investigator Binders have been kept up to date. The PI is always available for a brief meeting during scheduled monitoring visits and is very involved in all aspects of study oversite. It has been a pleasure for me as a CRA to work with Marsha Peery, RN and Wake Research. I would highly recommend this site for any research organization that is looking for good sites.”


“Confidentiality is Paramount to Wake Research”
“For the past year, I have been monitoring at Wake Research Associates in Raleigh, North Carolina for an industry trial. This site has one of the best monitoring facilities in the United States. Monitors work in a private, locked area of the office suite with access to telephone, fax, copier and high-speed internet.

“Confidentiality is paramount in this organization. Each monitor has his/her own room with a site request that doors remain closed to ensure confidentiality.

“The staff at Wake Research are professional and helpful at all times. The site files are well organized and the knowledge base of this group of research professionals is beyond compare. Maintenance of CRFs, drug accountability, and source documents are exemplary.

“This is indeed an organization dedicated to research, and it has been my pleasure to monitor at this site.”


“Their Accuracy & Dilligence Make This an Easy Site to Monitor”
“It has been a pleasure to work with the knowledgeable and dependable staff at Wake Research, particularly Amy Sheets, who has worked with me over the past year and a half.

“Her accuracy and diligence has made this an easy site to monitor. It has been great working with the PI associated with my study as well. She always found time to meet with me to discuss the study.”


“The Data is Organized with Everything I Need to Do My Job”
“I really enjoy working with Wake Research. Every time I visit the site, friendly staff are there to greet me, and that data is organized with everything I need to do my job. I wish all my sites were as great as this one.”


“Ensures High Quality Data from Site Start to Final Visit”
“As a CRA I know that working with an experienced Study Coordinator makes all the difference in the world. From site start up through the final visit, working with an experienced site ensures that I am collecting data that is high in quality. The SC I work with, Marsha, is efficient and organized, required source documentation is always accurate and readily available. When speaking with the PI, I am confident that he is involved in volunteer care and knowledgeable regarding the protocol. It is a pleasure working with Wake Research.”


“Some of the Best Site Facilities & Monitoring Area”
“I have worked with Wake Research for over the past year on two trials. The PI and staff have done an exceptional job. The site facilities and monitoring area are some of the best that I have encountered during my monitoring career. The lead CRC that I worked with on both trials, Tansy Newton, has done an excellent job and is always available during monitoring visits as well as available during other times when I am not on site. The site staff was always well prepared for monitoring visits, which is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Wake Research for future studies.”

– Senior CRA