Wake Research Associates | Raleigh, North Carolina
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Our Site Facilities

At Wake Research Associates, our multi-site North Carolina clinical research facilities are equipped with the latest testing and research equipment. Our facilities have the most advanced diagnostic equipment, combined with over 35 years of clinical research experience to provide a clinical research site that meets nearly every need.


  • A multi-specialty research site
  • 120,000+ Dedicated Subject Database
  • 43,000+ Proprietary Volunteer Database

Our On-Site Clinical Research Facilities Include:

  • Certified Endoscopy Unit (colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and liver biopsies)
  • Gastrointestinal lab (24-hour/pH monitoring) with smartcam capsule
  • CLIA waived diagnostic laboratory
  • Radiology department with bone densitometer & ultrasound unit
  • Cardiovascular testing: heart station, including EKGs, echocardiograms, treadmills, holter monitoring and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Complete pulmonary unit with spirometry, peak flow monitoring and Survey System Plus
  • Certified mammography unit
  • Facilities for provocative meal studies
  • Secured investigational drug storage facilities
  • Facilities for extended-stay pharmacokinetic studies
  • Sleep lab (EEG, polysomnography studies and MSLT’s)
  • Weight Management and Nutrition Center
  • Phase I and pharmocokinetic unit with infusion capabilities, private rooms, showers and volunteer recreation areas
  • Monitoring suite (5 private offices) with wireless internet and high speed modems, telephone lines, as well as fax and copier machines
  • Drug testing
  • Temperature and humidity-controlled, secured pharmacy, including back-up air conditioning system connected to a power generator
  • 5 double-lock refrigerators
  • 3 freezers (-20°C –and -70°C)
  • Point-of-care testing
  • Laminar fume hood and sterile drug preparation area

Affiliated Hospitals:

  • Rex Hospital
  • Wake Medical Center

Tour of Wake Research Facilities