Wake Research

An Integrated Organization of Premier Investigational Sites

From our founding site in Raleigh, to our sites across the Southwest, mid-South and Southeast, Wake Research provides biopharmaceutical sponsors with rapid access to hundreds of thousands of potential study participants.

We provide our industry partners with an assurance of integrated standards and a single point of contact for site identification, rapid subject recruitment and retention, advertising, contracting, study implementation and trial management, centralized, in-house quality assurance and quality control programs carried out by expert industry auditors.

Learn more about each facility in our organization below:

Wake Research Headquarters – Raleigh, NC

Wake Research Associates – Raleigh, NC
Carolina Phase I – Raleigh, NC

All Locations (by State):

Our Integrated Sites of the Wake Research Family of Companies

Tucson Neuroscience Research, Tucson, AZ — 21,000+ subject database (at Western Neurosurgery)

Medical Center for Clinical Research, San Diego, CA — 18,000+ subject database
Pharmacology Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA — 50,000+ subject database

Metro Atlanta Gastroenterology, Atlanta, GA — 37,000+ subject database
Mount Vernon Clinical Research, Atlanta, GA — 12,000+ subject database

GI Associates and Endoscopy Center, Flowood, MS — 250,000+ subject database

Clinical Research Center of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV — 100,000+ subject database

Carolina’s GI Research, Raleigh, NC — 250,000 dedicated volunteers database
Carolina Institute for Clinical Research, Fayetteville, NC – 1M+ patients annually
Carolina Phase I Clinical Research, Raleigh, NC — 18,000+ healthy volunteers
Emerging Medical Research, Durham, NC — access to 1M+ subject database
Wake Research Associates, Raleigh, NC — 120,000 dedicated patient database

ClinSearch, Chattanooga, TN — 80,000+ proprietary volunteers database
Medical Research Center of Memphis, TN — 20,000+ subject database (at Adams Patterson)

Global Medical Research, DeSoto, TX — 54,000+ subject database

More sites coming soon!

Wake Research, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, is an integrated organization of premier investigational sites with unique and innovative resources for Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV clinical trials. We offer a wide variety of trial studies that may be suitable for a diverse pool of qualified individuals including: Dermatology, Women’s Health, Neurology, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Cancer.