Our Investigational Sites Across North America

Wake Research is an integrated organization of premier investigational sites working closely with and meeting the needs of the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations in North America. Wake Research is affiliated with large multi-specialty group practices, hospitals and healthcare systems. Additionally, Wake Research has its own proprietary patient database of more than 2 million potential clinical trial participants—men and women, children and adults, across all ethnicities—for all kinds of adaptive and other types of trial designs.

Wake Research Headquarters – Raleigh, NC

Wake Research Headquarters is the centralized hub of our organization. The site is home to our business development team, marketing and advertising department, centralized recruiting team and in-house QA/QC department which monitors and enforces our standards and practices.

Additionally, it is home to Wake Research Associates and Carolina Phase I. We are fully equipped to meet the needs of sponsors and CROs in the conduct of Phase I-IV clinical trials in a large variety of indications. Our Phase I facility (Carolina Phase I Clinical Research) is ideal for inpatient/outpatient studies. Some of our amenities include: semi-private rooms, meal services, volunteer lounge, showers, TV, internet and phone access, as well as convenient access to major medical centers.

A Proven Track Record of Credible Clinical Research

Conducting studies since 1984, we have a combined subject database of more than 2 million, and we’re still growing. As of today, our board-certified physicians have completed more than 7,000 successful clinical trials. Clinical trials at our site are always completed on time and with accuracy; we consistently exceed sponsor expectation for study start-up, subject enrollment, retention and delivery of accurate evaluable data.

Wake Research applies standard operating procedures across our integrated organization of sites. Wake Research is a unique and innovative resource for Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials. Our research sites are known for effectively combining strategic accelerated volunteer recruitment and retention with high-quality clinical trial conduct practices. Our approach is uncompromising – each study conducted at our site is carefully planned and executed according to protocol and regulations with superior quality.

Added Clinical Value:

  • Direct connection with our key opinion leaders in medical arena and clinical research
  • Expertise in medical science and medicine
  • Thought leadership in clinical research
  • Thorough understanding of regulatory requirements
  • Integrated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across all sites

Added Operational Value:

  • 35 years serving the pharmaceutical industry
  • Rapid enrollment through our global reach and strong subject database
  • In-house QA/QC program
  • Experienced, clinically oriented company management and leadership
  • Experienced, research educated and certified clinical research coordinators
  • Dedicated volunteer recruitment department
  • Exclusive marketing and advertising outreach
  • Experienced and certified in more than 30 EDC systems
  • Fully-integrated CTMS Merge
  • Dedicated marketing and advertising team
  • Premier training for research staff provided by recognized industry professionals, through certification process

For More Information

If you are interested in collaborating or learning more about Wake Research, please connect with our site start-up / business development team at (919) 781-2514, or use the form below:

Marion Peoples
Director, Site Start-Up and Strategic Operations
Phone: 919-645-9217

Craig Leach
Senior Director of Business Development
Cell Phone: 512-565-1573
Office Phone: 919-781-2514